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A few months back, I blogged about titles, saying that usually I get an idea for a story FIRST, and then turn my attention to finding a good title before I start writing the actual book. So the germ of the story precedes finding the title.

But every once in a while, I think of a title that has no story attached at all. Then I either write it down for future use if it’s a good one, or if I’m in the mood for some fun, and the title is a little iffy, I try to imagine the right story for it. Those of you who entered the May contest know that I did this with Tyrannical Rex . Now I have another one.


Okay, the obvious plot to go with that title would be about a writer/actor/inventor who gets a nice note from a fan or other admirer, and is feeling pretty good about it until she gets to the P.S., and realizes she doesn’t just have a fan, she has a stalker!

Another might be a medical thriller – given the ICU part of the puzzle.

Even better, how about a story where the protagonist finds a clue a la the Da Vinci Code? That clue is PSICU. To find the next clue, he has to rearrange those letters to form a word. Here’s a hint: the victim has a framed map of the United States on his office wall.

(One configuration sounded promising – CUISP – so I looked it up at dictionary.com and found this: it’s an acronym for Coalition of Utah Internet Service Providers. I have no idea what to do with that one!)

Any other plot ideas for P.S.I.C.U.? Any other – hopefully better – clues you can form from the letters? Leave a comment, or email me. I’d love to hear it.

And again, for those of you familiar with my contests, you can probably imagine what one of the July questions will be, right?

BTYL! Kate


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