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Re-release of STOLEN KISSES

STOLEN KISSES was originally released in July of 2000 as a category-length paperback. I have a special fondness for it because it won a Romantic Times award that year – my first of several awards from RT.  Re-issuing it in e-book seemed like a great idea even though I knew it would be a bit dated. On the other hand, corny romantic comedy never really goes out of style, does it? Or maybe it’s the reverse, and it’s never really in.

I’m so glad we decided to reissue it though because Samhain gave it a gorgeously sparkly cover. The original cover showed a handsome man in a suit at the beach. I mean, it is a story of an FBI agent at the beach but he’s on vacation, so not only does the suit look strange, it is strange.

So here’s the new cover, and I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty. Oh, and the story in a nutshell: Josie Galloway is a defense attorney and when she hears the FBI is questioning her beloved grandma without a lawyer present, she’s livid. She soon learns grandma is just a witness, not a suspect; plus the case is an old, unsolved crime that the agent is trying to solve on his vacation in tribute to his grandfather – the original agent on the case.

Apparently, Locke’s grandfather was so dazzled and lovestruck by Josie’s then-young grandma who was at the scene – aka a honeymoon resort on the beach – he couldn’t properly question her. This lapse has always bugged Locke and he wants to restore the family’s investigative honor. And he knows grandma needs the reward money, so he sees it as a win for everyone. And Josie goes along with it, even though she realizes grandma is matchmaking like crazy.  Josie and Locke resist the match-up because (1) she’s trying to protect her grandma’s rights, especially when she realizes grandma was the only witness, and (2) Locke doesn’t want to fall into the same trap his grandfather did by getting lovestruck by a Galloway female.  (I wanted the title to be LOVESTRUCK for obvious reasons, but my editor wanted STOLEN KISSES because a jewel heist is the underlying crime. Needless to say I was outvoted.) 

Stolen Kisses

I hope you enjoy it! And if you're visiting today because you read PLAY BY PLAY last week and liked it, well thanks!  The two books are totally different, so I don't want to mislead anyone given how close together they were released (by two different publishers). PLAY BY PLAY was an experiment in using blog entries as a way of telling a romantic story, so very different from this traditional narrative. On the other hand, they are both romantic comedies at heart, so... (Hmmm, what's my point? I'm not actually trying to discourage anyone from reading SK, just noting the different format and approach. Of course, if you're one of the readers who didn't like the format of P-by-P because it didn't give enough of the heroine's point of view or the on-page love scenes, you might actually like this one better!)


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