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Play Makers updates

Just a quick note to say:
(1) Daniel Riga’s book will be out soon -- yay!
(2)  We’re restructuring the Play Makers series over the next few days so you might see some growing pains. For example, there are currently two books labelled Book Three exc on Amazon as they make the shift. When the dust settles, it will be:
Playing for Keeps – BOOK ONE
Play Date – BOOK TWO
Power Play – BOOK THREE
Playing for Kicks – BOOK FOUR
Next full-length Book (to be released this Summer 2016) – BOOK FIVE
Another Full-length Book (to be released early next Summer 2017) – BOOK SIX
We also have a novella (PLAY BY PLAY), and we'll be adding a second one this coming January. And after that, a few others. It’s awkward placing the novellas in the mainstream-series lineup so we’re excluding them but still marking them as Play Makers stories. They enhance the main threads – which are the Triple Threat, the Portland Lancers, the Spurling family, and the Murf Murphy sports agency – but they don’t really fit the flow and thus can be read out of order.

For example, I’m finally writing a short novella about a guy named Luke Stoddard, whom you may remember as the rookie QB whose career skyrocketed then imploded on the LA Rustlers. We heard about Luke’s woes in POWER PLAY and PLAYING FOR KICKS but I didn’t want to interrupt the momentum by building a full book around him. By placing the novella outside the main timeline, we can have another full-length book right away (Daniel Riga) but also have Luke’s story, which takes place during the same summer as PLAYING FOR KICKS and right before Riga’s book.

With this freedom, I can also play around with format and subgenre in ways I don’t feel comfortable for the big books. I try to make each book individual and unique, but I know there are reader expectations, too.  So I can maintain a level of consistency for the big books and still keep them fresh, but for something really different, novellas might provide the outlet I need.  (In PLAY BY PLAY for example I experimented with using blog posts as a storytelling device, which I loved. For the Stoddard book we’ll have a hint of suspense in the background although the major emphasis will still be on romance, humor and football). Hopefully series readers can pick-and-choose which novellas they find appealing without being concerned about missing Triple Threat action.

Hmmm, did I promise you a “quick” note? Sorry, but I’m unreasonably excited about this tweak to our game plan. All we’re really saying is: Novellas don’t get a “series number” any more but they’re still in the Play Makers universe. Works for me, and hopefully works for you, too!

p.s. I’ll share more about Daniel soon – he’s hunky and totally obsessed with football so he was fun to write.

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Aug. 15th, 2016 02:56 am (UTC)
Thanks for the updates!!! Looking forward to the new books!
Aug. 15th, 2016 04:57 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're looking forward to the new ones. Daniel Riga's book should be out by the end of the month! We're just working on the cover now, everything else is ready and waiting. I hope you love it!
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